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A Laundry Chute for your home is easy to install and maintenance-free

Our laundry chutes are designed to allow for easy installation. Simply follow the clear, well-il**censored**rated installation manual provided.  However, we recognise that not everyone has the time to install their own laundry chute.  If that sounds like you, we are here to help.  We can design a laundry chute for your requirements; simply e-mail us your plan drawings, along with an elevation providing floor to ceiling heights and floor depths if possible.

We manufacture a large variety of modular laundry chute components.

The modular interlocking components mean you can purchase the components individually to meet your precise requirements.  A 300mm diameter laundry chute is the more than sufficient in size for the normal household laundry, however if you have the **censored**e and would like to fit a larger size the 400mm diameter  is an option. We also manufacture 250mm diameter  for properties where **censored**e is an issue.

The laundry chutes consist of a sharp 90° elbow behind the first door at the top of the laundry chute with a T Piece immediately behind any lower doors.  Alternatively, the laundry chute can start with a lid on top of a work surface.  The wall mounted brackets are installed on alternate straight pieces to hold the chute in place and the locking bands (to stop the chute from twisting) on all component joints that are not supported with a wall bracket.

We supply two types of  laundry chute doors:

The 30800 flushmount laundry chute door with a flushmount handle  – 1hr British standard fire rating, is supplied with child lock as standard

The 30602  laundry chute white flushmount door with type D handle. – 2hr British standard fire rating is supplied with child lock as standard

Call us to discuss your requirements or e-mail us the plan drawings along with an elevation providing floor to ceiling heights and floor depths if possible. We offer a design, consultation and installation service.

All our installers are based at the Head Office but operate nationwide.

All our components have a high gloss finish and are manufactured using stainless steel with the highest fire resistance.  In the majority of domestic applications this satisfies building control.

Heat resisting properties of stainless steels

Most stainless steel grades that would be considered for building applications ie the 304 (1.4301) and 316 (1.4401) types have useful, long-term oxidation resistance at temperatures over 800°C and do not begin to melt until temperatures of over 1375°C are reached. It is unlikely that uniform, sustained high temperatures like these would be reached in short term ‘transient’ fire conditions.